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Achievements of the Time-Bound MDG Targets

Title page of the MDG targets assessment.

Global2030 released the first comprehensive assessment of all time-bound targets of the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals. The report, which comes following the close of the MDG time frame, documents the achievements and the shortcomings of the targets.

A key finding is that 8 of the 15 MDG targets reached between 80 and 320% of their goals, with most achieving about 150%. It also calculates the number of annual deaths prevented since the introduction of the targets to be between 6.85 million and 8.75 million. The child mortality target is found to be the biggest life saver. Furthermore, the pace of progress is shown to have increased in most indicators of the MDG targets. The report will be sent to heads of states, UN organizations and business companies.

The 10-page report (plus annex) uses the most recent UN data and considers academic sources where available. It is the first of its kind in each of the following areas:

  • It covers all 15 time-bound MDG targets comprehensively using the UN's official target indicators and reveals which of the 15 time-bound targets were reached and which were missed,
  • It presents, for all time-bound targets, the extent of unfinished business or overachievement,
  • It shows changes in the pace of progress for each of the 15 time-bound targets, and
  • It contains conclusive, absolute outcomes in terms of mortality prevented (for those targets directly related to mortality) and the corresponding raising of development assistance.

Previous assessments of the MDGs either refer only to selected targets, sometimes use other indicators, or do not explicitly state whether each target was achieved.

P.S.: A summary of the report was released at Deliver2030, which is run by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI).

Download: Global2030: Achievements and Unfinished Business of the Time-Bound MDG Targets - PDF, 10 pages plus annex, PDF (Portable Document Format), 1.4MB (kilobytes)